Felix Holzmann - Správa o požiari

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Video: Félix Holzmann - Správa o požiari

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Pridal: kmFOOfHGNgMoeqIaq05.02.2013 o 11:58  

Dear Leah, I noticed your cnemmot on the Sonlight blog today. For what it's worth, I have to tell you I completely agree with you on the craft thing, although I do use and love Sonlight. I have used Sonlight from the very beginning, with the Pre-K package. I can't say enough about the wonderful books they put together in the elementary grades. (We are currently using Core 5). We have had so many memories "living through" these stories, many of which literally brought me to tears. Fortunately, there are many good programs to select from today. I just felt compelled to tell you if there are things you really like about Sonlight, don't let the craft thing discourage you from using it. It really is a well organized, literature rich program. All in all, I had a horrible public school ex

Pridal: OTGVCyHfjPJuep05.02.2013 o 19:06  

We used Core 1 and Core 2 last year...this year, Core 2 and Core 3. My favorite? I honletsy can't pick...that's why we're doing Core 2 again and Core 3? Why? Because my daughter did Core 1 last year and my son did Core 2...this year, they moved up....but, my son wants to hear Core 2 all over again and my daughter wants to hear Core 3. SOOO...next year, do we do Core 4? Or will they want Core 3 again? Love GEOGRAPHY songs...we were singing them in the pool today!

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